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when i met my boyfriend he was talking to another lady online from another country. they talked about meeting and even marriage. it was one of those marriage sites.

but then he met me and we met as friends as first and we both developed feelings for each other and i lived closer and not in another country of course. he hadn't heard from that girl in a while when we started hanging out either. but after we started hanging out we talked about working on a relationship. both of us wanted to work on a relationship. well if out that a few days after we decided to work on a relationship he got an email from her. and he wrote her back. and they talked about talking on the phone and that he loved and missed her. and that he had been depressed when he didn't hear from her for so long. he told me he didn't know how i really felt about him cause i wouldnt tell him what i wanted, which is sorta true on my part. i was mad at him and didn't talk to him and he was upset and said that i was the one he wanted to be with, not her. and he realized that i was what was important to him. so we start talking again. later he got an email from her and this time he wrote her back and told her that he met someome else that lived closer and that i made him happy and he wanted to pursue a relationship with me. i know he wrote her that cause he sent her and me a copy so i could see he was serous about only wanting me.

i got an emaiil from her asking me who i was and all that and i asked him if he got one too. he said yeah but he deleted it and didnt read it. well that was the end of last month and sunday i found out about this old email account he had and found out that the email he said he deleted was forworded to that account. in that email she talked about harming herself if he stopped talking to her and stuff like that. i was mad when i found it and asked him if he did that and had another email. and at first he lied to me saying no. but then when he realized i knew he admitted it. he still claims over and over that he didnt read that email and that he just foworded it and left it ther untouched.

i know she didnt write hm at that email or that he didnt write her from that email cause that was the only message was the one she sent. i ask him why he forroded it and he said he didnt know. and that it was a stupid thing to do. he said he didnt read it though and didnt write her anymore or her himanymore. and hes like do u really think she would write me after that last message he sent about finding someone else. he only says he lied at first cause he didnt want to hurt me. cause he also had in that email a bunch of porn and he knew i didnt liek the porn. that is the only email i seen is that he foreworded and the rest was all porn. so its not like they were exchanging emails to that email but still, why did he foreword it then. he just says he dont know why he did that. i dont know. i'm scared to trust him anymore cause he lied to me at first. im scared he will lie to me again. what do i do? give him another chance or what? he swears im the only one he wants and he dont cheat.

but im so worried if he has other emails i dont know about and talking to her on another email but he swears he isnt and he even tells me to write her and ask her. but i dont want to talk to her. he just keeps saying he dont know why he foreworded it but still swears he didnt read it. just says he sent it ther eand left it untouched. and says he was just stupid.

should i continute to worry about this or let it go? does this mean he will lie to me about other stuff too?

i know he has lied about porn before about sites but thats it that i know of.

do i give him anotehr chance?

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