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I am still not over the ex I broke up with more than 3 years ago. It just haunts me how much I loved him and how I haven't found a relationship nearly as good. I still see him around but he was so mean to me when we broke up that we don't even say hello now. He has a new girlfriend who is very pretty and stylish. I used to be really attractive too but I gained a bit of weight when I went on antidepressants. I think he stopped being so attracted to me (I think I'm still quite pretty, but I don't look as good as I used to). It hurts me so much to feel that he didn't love me unconditionally, he loved me based on my looking perfect and being a size 4.

Anyway, no matter how much time passes, I always feel like he ended up "on top." He's got the pretty girlfriend. He's so cool and smart and has got loads of friends. I just don't compare. I love him and miss him and it just broke my heart how he acted to me's just too painful to bear. On top of everything, he "wins" because he moved on right away (with the new girl) and I'm still stuck on him three years later. How can I get over him?

I should mention that I'm seeing someone right now. I really care about him, but it's not the same. We fight and I don't think we're as good of a match. I still have dreams about my ex and I still bump into him occasionally and it's just so painful. He was my dream man but I didn't appreciate him because I was so young and inexperienced. What if I never find a relationship like that again?

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