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Thank You, Thank You for reading. Yes we live together and have been for about 7 years and this heartache has been going on for over 3 weeks and I'm seriously drained of all energy. I cant check the healthboards from home because I dont want him to be able to see what I'm doing online so I'm doing this all from work when I can.
Christmas went pretty well he got me a $200 gift certificate for a nice lingerie store that Iím not sure if I can name here and heís very much the jealous type so I donít think he would have gotten that for me if there was a chance in his mind that someone else would be seeing them on me. What sucks is that last year at this time he proposed to me and now were barely able to speak to one another. He said we have a lot of things to talk about but I havenít been able to get him to talk. I donít know if its because he is truly still unsure about us or what. Iíve noticed that when we are in our routine and together things arenít so bad but when he comes home from being away its very strained and he's distant. It turns out that his friend does know he was out with his girlfriend shopping it was all part of a big X-Mas plan that my BF was in the middle of. He came home the other night all ticked off that another friend of ours was over (he's liked me for years and knows about whatís going on and not at all happy with my BF) he got all accusive asking so what did you guys talk about I said nothing and he says do you have something to tell me I said No why would I? then he mentioned our friend that was over and I fessed up and said well you know what him and his GF came over the other night after you left and they noticed how upset I was so I told them what was happening and he said so you told them I was cheating on you and I said no I said you blew me off for her. then he tells me yeah well maybe I tell her stuff too meaning the other girl and I just said yeah good for you. this is all happening at 3:15 in the A.M. and I'm just not prepared for full blown fighting. I even went as far as to pack some things up and I gutted the fridge and freezer to see if he would say anything..nothing.. but then later I heard him talking on his cell to a friend telling them that I cleared the fridge out so he noticed but never asked me about it. He actually stayed home this Sunday for the first time in months although he stayed upstairs the whole time ignoring me. I got so annoyed with the silent treatment I finally went up and talked to him a bit and he warmed up to me after a while and things seemed normal he agreed to help me give the dog a bath and he's going to fix my breaks this weekend. I've been asking him to do this for quite a while. I have been really paying attention to my gut and it keeps telling me to fear this girl even though her BF is aware of all this hanging out their doing plus I know my BF is telling them both whatís going on between the two of us and I think that maybe sheís putting crap into his head about me. I've tried to be distant but I think he knows what I'm up to so he doesn't respond, in fact he's never around to be distant to, I asked him the other night if he would stay home with me and he said "and sit here and do nothing" I said yes but sitting here with me. Last night he was being normal and it makes it all the more confusing, I told him I cant stand to be in this limbo I have to know what's answer. He just called me at work looking for his giftcards he got for X-Mas he seemed cold even though I spoke with him an hour ago and was fine then, he was having lunch with his friend (the one with the GF). I don't know guys what should I try next? HELP!!

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