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I guess I'm confused about a few things. You say he never stays home with you, sunday was the first time in ages he stayed home with you. Well, don't you guys ever go out together? Do you still go out on dates? And why is it you're never invited to go along when he's out with this girl? Well, since it was all supposedly for a C-mas present for her boyfriend, then all the trips together and such should be done with. Has he made any plans to go hang with her without you?

But I will say one thing, it doesn't sound like he's confused at all. It sounds like he knows exactly what he wants. He wants you at home, keeping the home fires burning, and he also wants the freedom to leave you there and go hang with friends, go out with other women, etc. And he's set things up so that he has exactly what he wants. If I were you, I'd get my fanny back in school or go to a temp agency or a job referal service ASAP. You should NEVER, EVER be so dependent on a man that you have "no choice" but to stay and take all the crap he wants to dish out. Today he may want you. What if he changes his mind tomorrow? What if he decides the relationship is over tomorrow? Then you'd have no choice but to find a way to take care of yourself. Why wait till it comes to that? Why not do what you can today to be more self sufficient. You don't want to stay with any man because you need him to take care of you. The only reason you should stay with him is because you love him andhe loves you, the way you want and deserve to be loved. If he's still making plans to hang with this girl, next time I'd just say "great, I'll go with you! It'll be fun!" I'm interested to know what excuse he'll come up with. But if I were you, I wouldn't waste any more energy at all worrying about your relationship right now. You need to put all your energy into getting a career going and standing on your own two feet. Then you can make decisions about your relationship based on whether or not it's the kind of relationship you want and whether you're being treated the way you want to be treated, instead of making relationship decisions based on "well, where will I live and how will I eat if I lose him?" Freedom, baby! It's the only way to go. Freedom to stay with him if you want, freedom to get up and walk out if you want, whenever you want.

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