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Okay First off NO MATTER what the outcome with the relationship and this guy YOU WILL get through this. This isn't going to be easy and at times you won't want to get through this, but you will, I promise.

My jaw dropped when I read the "well if you don't like it theres the door"...maybe he is a dirty fighter, BUT he has no right to make it seem like he could careless if you were around or not. At that moment you should have left even if that means sleeping in your car because now that hes said that he thinks he can say and do anything. He KNOWS you aren't going anywhere; you said that yourself. You proved to him already that you aren't going anywhere.

Now, as for his friend's girlfriend...why on earth can't he include you when he "helps" her? Why don't you go along? Something seems fishy and I don't blame you at all for suspecting cheating. Don't let his guilt trip of "how could you think that of me after all these years"? It wouldn't be cool for me either and several other people on here will agree.

Sounds to me the reason he can't give you a straight forward answer on many things is because he doesn't know what he wants anymore.

I think you've got to prepare yourself for being on your own. You deserve better and you give him the complete upper hand in this situation. You are not happy and I don't blame you...

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