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hey i just broke up with my girlfriend like 4 days ago. in that time period i have talked to her and we seen to be getting along great. the reason we broke up is beacause we felt there was someting missing and we didnt know what it was. im a wrestler and she isnt out for any winter sports. so i only really get to spend time with her during the weedend. besides school. and i was thinking if that was the problem. if we didnt spend enough time together. anouther question is is that i have strong feelings about her, the feeling that i shouldnt of done it. because we didnt fight at all we got along great. but i dont know if she has the same feelings as i do. what should i do? should i ask her? should i ignore my feelings? because feelings bite anyways. :) i asked her if she wanted to go back out after wrestling was over because i thought it might be because i lose weight and i turn into a whole different person.
im scared to say that i may love her, and that she may not love me back. i know im only 17 and i have a whole future ahead of me, but i guess you can say i cant wait for love. kinda sounds queerish dont you think since im a guy spilling my guts out on to the web where everyone can read it. but i despritly need help.
something else thats interesting for you guys is that im a virgin, hold a 3.0 + gpa, state qualifier my freshmen year, and 2nd place finisher my sophmore year, and this year looks good to. i started on your football team as running back and outside line backer since my freshmen year.
I get a lot of my friends to tell me that i could have any girl i want. but i dont. i jsut want one. and here i am up at 5 am at night writing this stupid thing. in the last 4 days i have gotten 8 hours of sleep. i think of myself as a determined young man that goes after anything he wants ( to a certain point of course, im not crazy or phyco) and has a lot of things going for him. so y is this bump in the road stopping me? i cant study and i cant sleep. i cant ever practice with out even thinking about her. i also think this letter or post is very self centering to me,. but i jsut wanted to let you see how difficult it is. when you have many things going for you but you dont have that one person that counts. so thats my story and my questions. i hope i get a lot of posts from you guys with good advice. thank you for you help.

The boy with a heart

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