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Hi again well its 4.24 am here and I have been awake alllll night worried :(
Thanks so much for replying. Solcita he did actually promise to end the friendship and never speak to her again, this was 2 days ago. In them 2 days he was fantastic to me and the kids, he actually got up to my son twice and done all of my washing for me yesterday. It was later that afternoon when the other stuff happened with him going out the front etc. Just about everyone I have spoken to about this all agree with you guys that they havent had sex, but it was definately heading that way. Like you said, her saying we havent slept together, is her saying well something has happened , but no sex. She also said to me, well I wouldnt do that because he is with someone, and I immediately replied so you would if he wasnt with me, and she just scoffed at it. I just turned around and said to her WHAT KIND OF A WOMAN ARE YOU ? We have 2 f*****g babies together ! I guess I am getting so mad that he is trying to make out like I am some kind of fruitloop and its all in my head. I think this upsets me the most, when I know its not in my head ! I have had a feeling for a long time that I should be careful of this woman :o I honestly dont know what I would do if he did actually admit an attraction ? I guess he feels he cant admit anything to me for fear of me breaking up with him, but the way things are going we will anyway ! I just dont trust him AT ALL . Everytime I pop out I am worried they are hanging over the bloody fence again :( In answer to the question about oppurtunity, I pop out a few times on weekends, to go to the shops etc , but I normally leave one of the kids here, most of the time Adam, and that poor little thing is asleep, so Yeah I guess if they were really quick , something could happen. I do believe that he hasnt had sex with her, but I think this was just lack of oppurtunity. He is home all the time apart from work, which is in a factory enviroment that he clocks on and off, so no he couldnt do anything during the day. When I asked him why she felt the need to lie if it was all innocent, the azz said because she knows you are a frootloop, which hurt me even more. I said well why would she think that if YOU HADNT TOLD HER THAT and he said well she hears you yelling and screaming at me.
I just feel sick to my stomach right now. I feel I cant let this rest until he admits something to me and I think it will be a cold day in hell before he does that :( Thats why I thought about confronting her ! What do you think ?

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