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[QUOTE=Music4All]This, tictac, is the proverbial red flag screaming so loud it is deafening.

What you are thinking is 100% correct. What many do not want to do is go on the the next logical assumption......that is, if it is correct that if you were important to him he would introduce you to his friends, and he is not introduced you, you are not as important to him as you believe.

Things are almost always as they appear, not how people say they are.[/QUOTE]

I agree with everything you all have said. There's NO excuse for him not inviting me tonight. I just talked to him and he's going to someone's house for a party. Last night I asked him why he doesn't invite me anywhere and he said b/c the people I hang out with don't want to hang around kids. Hello?! Does he really think I would bring my kids out with me? If that's not the lamest thing I've ever heard, I don't know what is.

Funny you should ask about sex. He repeatedly tells me that this is the most passionate relationship he's ever had and that he can't get enough of me. When we're together, we have amazing sex. But he swears that's not why he's with me. I'm beginning to wonder.

I may be naive, but I don't get the feeling he's cheating on me. He calls me a dozen times a day, which he doesn't have to do. He says he thinks about me all day at work and will call me to tell me he misses me and loves me. He calls me from home all the time and talks to me forever, so I know there's no one there with him and he usually calls me while he's driving around or running errands. His schedule is pretty much the same everyday. He has also brought up on many occasions, that he wants to move in with me. That leads me to believe that he can't have much to hide.

As far as the "get out of the relationship later" phrases, he's already told me that he's not living in a fantasy world and knows that we will most likely break up one day, because "I will find someone that will be able to be around more and give me the attention I deserve", so I guess he really does have that situation covered. Am I crazy for wasting my time with him?

I know this isn't the best relationship, but he makes me feel so good when we're together and I truly believe that he really loves me. He's not one to say that to many people, so I do feel special. I don't know if I should let this relationship play out, or leave soon. It's so hard b/c I have such strong feelings for him and we have so much fun when we're together. It's hard to walk away from something that brings me so much happiness.

But when I think about tonight, I get really p.o'd. THERE'S NO EXCUSE! I will make my own plans tonight, but it sucks that I have to do that. He won't like that at all, I can guarantee you. Too bad.

If you were in my situation, given both the good and the bad, would you leave?? Thanks so much for all the advice!!!

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