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I didn't like the book at all. Just because hes a man doesn't mean he can sterotype all men. For example, somewhere in there it says if a guy REALLY is into you, he'll call you pretty soon after he gets your number. I was friends with a guy who really liked a girl he met, but didn't call her for 2 weeks because he didn't want to look too pushy and scare her off. This book would have said "hes not into her"...but he was...and they are married now. I'm not a guy, but as one of the guy poster's replied here that it doesn't describe him. I have dated alot of men...maybe this book describes the sterotypical man, but it sure doesn't describe all men. Men are human too and do have feelings, emotions, and this book tends to make men so black and white. Remember Eightball? Hes not like the book either...alot more comes into relationships, like fear, past rejection, etc. I don't know but I've had many guy friends and deep conversations with men and they aren't all the same. They have insecurities just like women and those insecurities can be real reasons they don't want a relationship rather than "hes just not into you". The book does have some obvious things in there so I think its a good read for someone who just starts dating, but overall I don't like how it generalizes. He mentiones that if a guy doesn't want to sleep with you then hes not into you. Wrong. My brother didn't sleep with his wife until marriage (8 years later) and he was WAY into her and still is. So just because this guy slept with or tried to sleep with everyone he was "into" doesn't mean he can say all guys are this way. Like someone else said, hes not God. So I didn't take the book too seriously and some parts of it actaully made me feel worse.

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