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Littletiger, if the man calls you once a day, I think you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Obviously, he wants to speak to you regularly. Once a day is plenty in my opinion. How long have you been together? Some guys are not that great with talking on the phone for hours about nothing in particular, so maybe your bf falls into that category. He calls you once a day to check in with you and since there is nothing of great importance to discuss, it's enough for him. It sure would be enough for me if the guy called me once a day.. I'd be so happy. I'm not a huge phone person myself but just the fact he makes sure to call everyday to say hello would make my day!

As for the book, I hate it. It's totally black and white. I agree with Stormgirl in her opinion about it. Some broad ideas might be true, but they are usually a no-brainer anyway, but it's true that if someone were to follow it to a T, we would all be alone and boyfriend-less. Let me give you an example. Last year, my friend's boyfriend did not do anything on Valentine's day, nor did he acknowledge their one year anniversary. She made no big deal about it (I would have probably broken up with him for this reason, mind you), and now, a year later, they're going on vacation to Europe together, he is buying her an expensive neckless, and even mentioned an engagement. So, guys can improve! I'm not talking about heartless jerks, just regular guys who love their girl but have some hesitation about commitment. If we always broke it off because a guy failed to do something to our liking one time, no woman would ever get married. We have to pick our battles. Nobody is perfect, and like Stormgirl said, sometimes there are external reasons for someone's confusing behavior. One guy said he had lost his best friend to cancer shortly after he met this girl, so obviously, romance wasn't on his mind and he wasn't pursuing her very aggressively because he was very distraught over the loss of his friend. But the girl was very understanding. She was the one who kept calling him from time to time, and eventually when he was feeling emotionally better, they started dating and are now in a very committed relationship. Had she given up on him, she would not be with him now.

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