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I'm desperate. I can't handle my mother anymore. I'm 35 and she's 63. She lost her house in the recession and doesn't have anything to her name. I bought a house in 1997 and lived there 'til a year ago when I decided to move out and rent on my own to get away from her. She's always been a negative, whinger. I have Multiple Sclerosis and am on a pension and did a bit of part time work to help pay the rent, although I had to push myself. I have just moved into my boyfriend's house. I really can't work at all, I'm never well, but I find it hard to survive on the pension as I'm paying off the house. She won't pay me any rent, she never has any money.
Apart from the rent issue, she can be a very nasty person. I stayed with her Christmas night and on Boxing day she got stuck into me. She's miserable because she's lonely and doesn't have many friends, she does go to Bridge and gets very envious of the ladies there as they have money. Anyway, on Boxing day she said, I've made a cool $100,000 on the house, she got angry because the lounge suite I gave her was too big, don't have children because they're just a big disappointment (she was angry at my two sisters). She said she can't take anymore. I think she's got it pretty damn good. Almost everything in that house I have bought. I cracked and said she was an ungrateful b..... and that I have done everything for her. My whole life I've copped her abuse, whinging, negative attitude and I can't take it anymore. I have daydreams of the police knocking on the door to tell me she's dead.
I know this is a messy post, my mind gets jumbled when I think of her. There are so many things she has done and said throughout my life that my mind becomes clouded with hate.
Maybe I can add more later.

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