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Im so confused
Jan 3, 2005
I recently broke up with my girlfriend of almost 2 years. We've been through alot together, lots of ups and downs. I guess my biggest problem was how inconsistent i was. You see, i was never really physically attracted to my girlfriend. But i did love her personality, she was the sweetest person you ever met and that made me more comfortable with her than anyone. But she was also ADD, and sometimes her personality kinda annoyed me, like i needed time to rest after being with her because it took alot of energy to keep up with someone that was ADD. But in the end, it seemed good because i would always go back to her. We were always extremely intimate, even though i never thought she was really attractive i loved to stroke her face and just hang out with her (reading together on each others laps). I think the biggest problem (that lead to all this) was when i couldnt really climax during sex. The lack of physical attraction had finally gotten to me. I would tell her things were okay but would instead spend time fantasizing about more attractive women (even during sex!). I obsessed about it to the point where i believe i didnt belong to her. Before the phsyical aspect was not that big a deal but now every time i was around her i felt it was an issue and keep thinking if she was better looking things would be so much greater! I felt so shallow....and still do

I broke up with her telling her that i just felt things werent right. But at the same time now i feel so damn alone, i feel as though the world is crashing down on me and i can barely breathe. I want to get back together with her but at the same time i can i truely love someone im not attracted to and wont ever really fantasize about :confused:

i miss her but i dont know what to do

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