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I've been really good about not responding to his emails until today. I just couldn't take them anymore so I responded.

I merely wrote that I was glad to hear that he was so happy, and glad that he had finally found something / someone that he was looking for. I also told him that I had walked away from us when he had decided to be with someone else and that I expected the same from him. That I was able to shut the thoughts of him out of my mind but had not quite mastered getting him out of my heart as he had so easily done. And that I would appreciate him getting on with his new, happy life and not contacting me anymore.

Of course, that was a mistake because he did respond, with his usual head games of how much he did love me and still does but that we "didnt' work" and can't I just be "friends" with him ............UMMMM NO.

I didn't respond to that email at all. What was the point. I'm remaining strong (or pretty strong) in not contact him, not responding to his contacts. Acting as if I'm okay .............but I'm not.

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