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Let me give this a try...
First of all, do you know if you are her first real boyfriend?
Anyone think that maybe Dad is afraid that too much time alone will lead to too much intimacy and maybe a child?
Is your touching/holding/kissing occasional or or you constantly joined at the hip?
To be honest, one of my niece's and her boyfriend didn't seem to know when it was appropriate in front of other people. She was sitting in his lap at the get together after my dad's funeral and I don't know that THAT much public affection is necessary no matter WHAT the circumstances.
Many fathers see that kind of physical contact as a lack of respect ("treat her like a lady") and really a bit nauseating since this is their "little girl" no matter HOW old she is.

Most father's are just plain designed to protect their daughters. Especially is they are under 18 and stll living at home. It might help you do with this if you try to understand why he dislikes the behavior he sees between the two of you.
Friendship that leads to physical closeness stand more of a chance of lasting than one that gets physical too soon.

Do you want this relationship to be a good one? I'm sure you do!!
So, if you're at her house be extra polite. Use "Mr.", don't go near her bedroom even "to talk"!
Call it an acting job if it will help you out. There was a show on TV years ago called My Three Sons - and every father wants his daughter to marry a young man like one of those sons!!!

Good luck - work on the long-term getting along with this man in case he becomes your father-in-law!!

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