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[QUOTE=nothing_works]A little whacked, yeah! Thats what we're going to do. Spend lots more time around my house. Her house was always much more convenient tho, it was close to college, town etc. It'll take 30mins to get from anywhere back to my house, which is why we used to go to hers most of the time, cos we got more time together. But not if we're going to be stopped from being together. I dont know why he acts like this. I cant even hold her hand around them without being called soppy idiots. Get this- i was invited round by her when they ahd all the other family round for dinner, and there were 4 couples round the table. The only ones not holding hands, close to each other, talking to each other were them. They're not affectionate in any way. And their views mean we cant be, unless everyone else is as well! Theres no way i can go and talk to him either. Im a shy person remember! I couldnt do that, not atm anyway! And yes, i was whispering in the car too her, but thats cos most of the time im afraid of what his reactions going to be! That one day he'll just stop us from being together.[/QUOTE]

Well, the thing I think is really sad is that this guy not only likes making your life miserable, but he doesn't seem to be too concerned with his own daughter's happines. When I graduated from my paralegal program, my boyfriend at the time was there at the ceremony. He was with my family and I found them all and went straight up to him and kissed him. My mom thought it was cute, because seeing me happy made her happy. This guy thinks his daugher is a soppy idiot if she's happy? Again, it's his dysfunction. Do your best to work around it, and try not to let it get to you so much. I'm sorry I can't offer better advice, it's a sticky situation, but when someone is dead set on being a jerk, sometimes, there just isn't much you can do about it.

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