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Vintage Girl- Our relationship I thought was ok I know we argued over stupid everyday things but I thought everyone did.. We spent most of our time in front of the T.V since we've been out on our own for the past 6 years, he would go play poker or hang out at a friends house but not that much. The past two months or so he's been spending a lot more time out and about and I didn't think it was because there were problems I just thought he was sick of sitting around.. I'm a homebody I guess. See he grew up with his mom taking care of him and his two brothers and I think that's what he expected from me he never saw how a Man fits into the family other than what he sees from my Dad. That's another hard thing because between the two of us we had one set of parents my mom isn't there for me and never has been and his mom is more to me than mine, his father was killed when he was very young so my Dad is like a father figure to him.. Every night and I mean literally every night since we moved in together and even when we had roomates I was responsible for getting dinner, I'm not a cook so usually that meant going out to get take out and as silly as it sounds that caused problems because he would never offer any ideas as to what he wanted it was always up to me to figure out just like everything else as if i had a crystal ball that would tell me what he wanted. He says we clash more than we click but how come it took so long for him to decide that? His only responsibility was to pay rent. His excuse to all the dinner stuff was that the last thing he wants to worry about when he got home was getting dinner.. But it's ok for me to worry about like I didnt have a full time job myself I would get up before him leave for work before him get home after him take care of the dog, go get dinner,laundry cleaning and all the bills, I always made sure their was pop, toilet paper, taking out the garbage he never ever does that and millions of other things, he contributed hardly anything which is why I should be glad to be moving on..I'm just not. He also tells me that relationships shouldnt take work. I thought that was the stupidest thing I ever heard, everyone knows relationships take work. I told him the best marriages take years and years of hard work, he thinks it should just work as is. I have made my feelings clear to him that I do love him and that moving on without him is going to probably be the hardest thing I'll ever have to do, I have also told him that I will be O.K too. I know that by taking the dog that hurts him but I adopted him in my name and I'm the one who begged to have a dog for years he's mine I'm the only one who walks him and takes care of him. If he get's home before me he doesn't walk him.. its all me. Maybe he's being a jerk because it hurts and he doesn't know how to show it. I guess this tells me what I want out of my next relationship. I want a man a real man that can admit when he's wrong, show emotion and realize that it takes two people to make things work.. And who doesn't feel the need to impress his friends with how crappy he treats his GF.. That's the other issue all his friends can see how crappy he is towards me a lot of the time but no one has the nerve to stand up to him I'm the only one who has ever had the balls to stand up. One freind in particular told me he didn't know how I put up with what I did and I put up with a lot thinking he would grow up eventually. He claims to have said things to my BF about the way he's treated me in certain situations but I really don't think he had the balls to do it. No one has the nerve to stand up to him because he's one of those stubborn people who cant and wont ever admit to being wrong.. Oh now I'm getting a bit angry thinking about all this.. I know i can do better down the line but damn it I want this guy for some reason. He makes it seem like he doesn't want me to go but on the other hand i wonder if its an act, he said we would spend time together this weekend but who knows if he'll stick to that. He didnt get any sleep last night either I'm oddly happy to report, We argued about the whole T.V situation when he came to bed at about 11:30 and it upset him to where he couldn't sleep.. He's one of those people who can just turn himself off and sleep through anything but not lately.. I have to resort to prescription Xanax to calm down enough..I know drugs shouldn't be a crutch but I need sleep and energy I'm withering away here I only weigh 108lbs and normally I'm around 120 at most.. Oh the sadness I feel like its going to be the death of me it feels like I have some mental disorder that wont go away. I Hope he misses me my friends I think it would hurt more if he didn't.. not that he would tell me because of the whole pride thing he has.. Well I should probably get to work,Please keep the opinoins coming I'm pretty alone here and don't know how to cope.

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