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>>You say you're not sure HOW to leave him. Can you be more specific? Is it financial? social? Can we give you any help in that area? Because I really think the sooner you get rid of this guy, the better.>>

Thanks for asking. I was just going to post about this to see if others had any advise for me. I think financially and socially I can handle it, although it's a little bit of a challenge to think about moving during a school semester (I'm working on a grad degree right now in addition to working). My sister lives nearby and has a spare room in her house and made it clear I'm welcome to stay after I shared some of our problems with her.

My main problem is that I've tried to work up the nerve before when his temper was driving me crazy and suggested we separate for a little while so we could get some perspective. He really fell apart and was shocked that I was even thinking about it and made lots of apologies and promises he hasn't been able to keep. He has a lot of emotional problems and vulnerability from his mom dying when he was young and some other things that happened. This isn't a reason for me to stay, but it makes it really hard for me to hold my ground and leave. It doesn't seem fair to have him come home to an empty house and a note, but I can't seem to make myself face him and say it's too late and I want to leave.

When my last boyfriend broke up with me, I saw the signs that he was unhappy and we talked it over and agreed that this was the best thing. That obviously won't work with this guy.

Has anyone left a similar situation? How did you do it?

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