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Re: Girlfriend's Ex
Jan 11, 2005
But guys you didnt really get the point of the post... Yes I asked her all these questions about her past. I only did that to protect me. How many partners have you been with, how many partners have your partners been with. I also thought that knowing her better would help me understand her better making the relationship better. But thats not my problem...

I think she has a thing for her ex... personally she told me her boyfriend was bigger then me and that she likes bigger men... I was ounce talking to a female friend that my girlfriend was insecure about... I cut my connections with her... Erased her phone number from my cell deleted her from my buddylists... Now I tell her that I dont like her boyfriend [insecurity] and that i would like her to close all of her connections with her ex... She tells me that she dosnt ever talk to her ex. So i go on believeing that...

Its a brand new year, and im on her screen name, and guess who sends me an I.M.? The ex-boyfriend. See, I really dont care about all that am i bigger then he is, do i do it better then he does crap, because she already told me i was the sex of her life... My problem is, I think i dont know her all that well, and when I try to get to know her by asking her questions, i dont get any vivid details, all i get are simple answers and sometimes nothing or an attitude.. Right now I dont know what to do.. Does she love me? Because they say that when your partner starts giving you spontaneous attitudes thats usually a sign of cheating... Right now all thats running through my head is, am i boring? Does she love me? Is she taking advantage of me? Is she cheating on me?

Ounce I told her i needed some time out and she told me if I give her time out she'd find someone else. If she told me something like that, I'd let her know how much I loved her and then i'd simply give her space... Praying to god that she hasnt been tampred with. Can someone tell me whats going on.. Im confused. If i cant test her love then what do i do?

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