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Re: Girlfriend's Ex
Jan 11, 2005
You are doing this all wrong man...How can you ask her to compare yourself towards her ex? Sometimes people just aren't meant to be together...Maybe she loved him and had a great time with him...But he wasn't the one for her...that's why she's with you now...How can you ask her about what they did in bed and who's better than who?

I had a boyfriend that i really loved and cared about..he was the sweetes guy ever, and I can't say a bad word about him...But we were not meant to be...I had to move on...The one I'm with now is also a wonderful man...And I love him..I can't say that I love him more than my ex...cause once my ex was the only one for me. But today I know that I love him in a different way...much deeper..I am sure that you had a girlfriend once that you were crazy about...

Everytime you thought about her your heart almost hurted...How can you say that that feeling you had in the past can be compared about the way you feel about the gf you have today? You can't...cause you were true to your feelings the last time you had a gf. That doesn't mean that you don't can feel the same thing for the one you are with now?

If you are so stuck up in her past, your relationship will be over soon...To be honest...her sex with her ex is you really think she want's to hear about the way you had sex with your ex? All the moves and the feelings? I know I don't wanna hear it from my bf...

Man...move with what you and your gf have and let go of her ex, or you WILL lose her...
Re: Girlfriend's Ex
Jan 11, 2005
hearttoheart is completely right, this isn't a matter of "letting her go to see if she'll go back to him". It doesn't sound like she's indicated in any way that she's still interested in him.

This sounds like your problem, not hers, and specifically - insecurity. Your best move would be to let her past stay where it is, I know it's hard sometimes to accept that the people we're with and adore have had previous relationships, but it's time to accept that she's with you - she loves you - or she would simply leave on her own. If you keep hounding her about this past and asking her to compare I can imagine she'd get pretty sick of it very fast and you WILL lose this relationship.

Back off, focus on the two of you, not the two of them - there is not 'them' anymore. Enjoy what you have for what it is, and appreciate that she's with you now.

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