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Being "careful" and " beware" is just not good enough for me, if I had been in that situasion... :nono: How can a person live with a person they can't trust? She is giving you all you need to not trust her...Why is she chatting like that with a ex? She should talk to you like that, and nobody else!

Be honest with her; Tell her that you were stupid and looked through her text's, but you did so cause you didn't feel that she was honest to you. Confront her about the text you saw about "But he is home now"...Ask her what she meant...did she mean that she would have gone if you weren't at home?

Ask her if she want's to stay in this releationship, cause if she want's to keep you, she has to "break up" with all of her x'es... One thing is writing a text once and a while asking how you are doing, but this has gone to far. She is flirting with them and is playing with fire....

But first of all.... ;) Be secure about your't break down when you talk about this with her, cause then she will feel that she has all of the control...YOU need to be in control...Maybe you should say something like" Do you mind me seeing other women? I just thought it would be okay by you, since you are dating your x'es over the phone..."

And as hurtfull as this could don't want to stay with a woman that doesn't want to be with you?

Good luck!

Keep us updated :wave:

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