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Re: I fess up.
Jan 12, 2005
Trooper--Wow. Thanks for sharing your story. It really sheds some light on my situation. I'm glad you're okay now and I'm glad your ex regrets it to this day. He should. And I agree..thats not "love". At least not the kind of love that you or I want.

Susie--I'm sure he got the message. I probably got so upset so quickly because deep down I knew. I knew he'd never call...I just had to check one last time and see now that the emotions have simmered if there was any part of him that wanted contact. Maybe he will call, but I put money on it that he doesn't. Forget him. Its not worth it. At least now I know 100%. I know that we weren't talking because it was "too fresh"...we weren't talking because he wants nothing to do with me period. I had to wait until now, after some time passed and I've got my answer. It just makes me question the human heart. I would/could never do that someone. I quit talking to an ex who kept calling me but he cheated on duh. And now we do talk every once in awhile. I see past the "relationship" and see people as who they are. We all make mistakes and sometimes love doesn't make sense. We do good things and bad things when we're in love. But to cut someone out of your life just because the "relationship" didn't work is insane. I value more than just the "relationship" when I'm with someone. I value that person, their presense in my life...sometimes we make better friends than lovers....whatever it maybe there is no reason to pretend someone doesn't exist, especially in this case. I guess hes just a cold hearted jerk..hopefully I'll never encounter another one of these again.

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