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babe1973 ~ I never said that I liked that he found me attractive. I mean everyone wants to be attractive, in general, but his finding me attractive does not affect me in a way that I want to start something or even fish for more compliments from him. I'd honestly rather not hear them from him even though they are put as a friend would tell another friend, not in any kind of, even remotely, sexual way. Also, as far as my husband, for everyone who is wondering, I couldn't be happier with my relationship with him. He thanks me on a daily basis for routine things like cooking, cleaning, caring for the kids. He also is always telling me how sexy he thinks I am or how beautiful and smart I am and lucky he is. We have a wonderful relationship and have been married for over 10 years, when many people have lost that "just married" excitement. I feel so fortunate to have him and he reciprocates this, as I've said.

Also, we do talk about my family, husband, kids etc. on a frequent basis and we also do the same about his wife. He's very happy with her. He talks about the first time he met her. How he loved her eyes the first moment he saw her and what a wonderful person she is. He NEVER complains about her or says one negative thing about her to me. If he's not happy with her, he puts on a good show. He treats her like my husband treats me. He appreciates everything about her and still thinks she is as beautiful as the day he met her. I'm not guessing at this either. I know this for a fact as we have discussed these things many times.

I just wanted to clear those things up for everyone. I'm not saying he's not wrong to keep a secret from his wife. I just wanted to clear up the assumptions, which I would have made too, so don't get mad.

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