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Re: Rejection
Jan 15, 2005
[QUOTE=elatedgiraffe]See, thats what I don't get? Don't men want to settle down with someone who is their best friend? I know I would. :confused:[/QUOTE]

Yes, they do.....Some men are really afraid of commitment and it takes a good slap in the head for them to realize what they have in front of them. Elated, I am sorry to hear about the rough time that you are going through but look at this is a positive way. Its best you found out now rather than get the ring and start planning out the future and he bugs out then.

The drinking is also not helping anything out because you mind is getting toggled up on what to do. Alcohol is a great thing to hae when being around friends but when depressed its your own enemy.

There is a lot of good guys out in this world. It takes some bad relationships to get in the right one. I have always told myself that I rather be sure rather than unsure. Your ex. meant a lot to you but in reality what did he mean to you?

You need to look at this on both sides rather than just feel depressed that there is no one left for you out in this world. Currently you are a single girl but off a bad break up. Having these friends with benefits will not replace your ex or even one night stands. Right now you are creating drama for yourself and the pain wont go away unless you drop the booze and all this.

Break-ups are not made to be easy and different people get over them at different speeds. People that get over them slower have the tendency to make more mistakes like whats happening now. What you want is to be happy like you once were. All you can do at this time is help yourself. Please take care of yourself because deep down you do sound like a good girl.

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