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Re: What to do?
Jan 15, 2005
[QUOTE=suzblondie27]Thanks for the insight! We currently are an hour away from one another! Everything about the whole pot situation that you said is something that I've been really thinking about and I'm trying not to be so against it, but in my heart I believe that if he respects me enough he wont do it while i'm around..but the other thing i think about he goin to become addicted? and is this going to become a financial burden? is it going to lead to other things?[/QUOTE]

Hi Suz,

People don't get addicted to pot the way they get addicted to crack or heroin. Despite what some government studies say, there's no such thing as physical addiction to pot. (My college neuroscience professor did government drug experiments, including some that pumped pot smoke into a room/cage all day long for weeks, and he said they wouldn't publicize any of the 98% of studies that said pot didn't cause long-term, serious problems because of their strict anti-drug beliefs. However, more civilized, less reactionary countries like England and Canada have realized the absurdity of prosecuting pot users while keeping alcohol and tobacco, which cause much more severe social and health problems, legal). However, when people use pot as a crutch to avoid dealing with their issues, it can become a very bad habit that is hard to break.

From what I've seen, it's a lot like alcohol in that most people drink/smoke in moderation, after work or socially, and it doesn't cause any real problems. But just like some people waste all their money on liquor and can't keep up with their responsibilites, some people do the same with pot. As far as leading to other drugs, this is another case of statistics being manipulated to prove just about anything. The reason this whole gateway drug theory came along is because most people who use "hard" drugs like coke and heroin also smoke, or have smoked, pot, and people don't smoke pot are unlikely to use any other drugs. Despite what the anti-drug commercials want you to think, there is no causal link, i.e. smoking pot WILL NOT cause a person to use more dangerous drugs. It's just that most people who use drugs use more than one, and if you use a more serious drug than pot, pot doesn't seem like a big deal. I've been around a lot of drugs and partying, and from everything I've seen, alcohol is MUCH more likely to prompt someone to experiment with more hardcore drugs than pot. All pot does is make people sit around, talk, laugh and eat, while other drugs and excessive drinking often lead to crime, arguing, violence, and taking dangerous risks.

Sorry for the diatribe, but there are just way too many misconceptions out there about pot solely because it's illegal in America and because of US government propaganda. I would much rather have my boyfriend, kids, etc. smoking pot than getting drunk. With all of that said, you still have a right to your opinion, and if you aren't comfortable with a boyfriend that smokes pot, then that's completely up to you to decide. In the vast majority of cases, smoking pot doesn't interfere with people's jobs, education, relationships, etc. anymore than drinking. I've attended some of the most elite schools in the country, and some of the smartest, most successful people in the world smoked, and often continue to smoke, pot recreationally. I doubt it will lead to any financial problems or addiction to more dangerous drugs for your boyfriend, but if he is using it to escape his problems, then he could be facing some future problems. But please don't think of pot as an evil, scary, bad thing, because it's really not--millions of upstanding citizens use it to relax or treat pain/illnesses, including grandmothers, housewives, graduate students, etc. Like anything else, it's really only a problem if it interferes with other aspects of someone's life, and for most people, it's very benign. In fact, I can't think of another recreational drug--legal, prescription, or illegal--that causes less problems. Some people don't like it, but this country would be better off having people staying at home smoking pot than having people out drinking at bars, driving drunk, and going home to abuse their families. Just my opinion--but I don't think pot should be the main issue here. It's much more important to consider whether you and your guy are compatible in the long run, and if your needs are being satisfied by this relationship. I really wish you all the best, and hope this helped a little :) .

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