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Thank you for the two responses. Let me see if I can answer some of the questions. For one, I really can't see myself marrying my current girlfriend and I really think we're both still in this relationship for security. Secondly, one of the reasons I have had a difficult time breaking up with her is the last time I tried she threatened to "hurt herself". While I've maintained all of my friendships and have made many more over two years, shes like alienated herself in many ways and she would absolutly be devastated if I left her and it just scares me even though I know for the good of both of us I need to man up and just do it. Thirdly, Its very hard for me to really get into any friendships I have with other girls because shes extremely obsessive and would grill me and never let the issue drop. Finally, with this other girl I really am not interested in starting a new relationship especially when one may be ending and really just enjoy her company and thats the reason I don't want to ruin it by telling my girlfriend who would get extremely jealous and possibly end a probable meaningful friendship. And again, while I'm spending more time with this new girl shes the one inviting me to do all these activities with her even though she also is in a similar position as I with a relationship that may be ending. Its hard to tell her intentions, but I'm not about to end a possible deep friendship due to a jealous girlfriend.

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