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About a year ago they dated about 2 times (originally he said he saw her for about a month) then he ended it because she had (still has too much baggage - with kids that don't treat her right, a young child with lots of medical problems who will need lots of surgery, etc).

She is now engaged to marry a man in June of this year (they moved in together in October 2004).

I know they knew each other well before I started going out with him. But she will go visit him whenever she is back in her home town which is about 1 hour from where she lives now. She will go alone to visit him (he has always lived alone for the past 7 yrs but just after xmas started living with his 19 yr old son he had from a previous relationship) and also with her fiancee.

He told me that sometimes she wants to sleep over at his house because she does not want to sleep over at her relatives or friends houses. He told me that because he is on shift work he is not home then anyways. He did say once she slept over when he was at home for the night but her son was with her. She does this even though she is with another guy (her fiancee).

My new bf said that he ended it with her and she did not want him to end it. Apparently this girl keeps saying to her fiance that he has by this date to back out and not marry if he wants to.

My question to anyone will will help is why does she always want to keep in touch with my new bf (we got together in early DEc. but met in early Oct. the weekend he helped this friend (girl) and her fiancee move from his town to one near Toronto Ontario. :confused:


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