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[QUOTE=Alexandra789456]I'll repeat this quote again:

"However I am not able to do that since she expects me to see her as soon as I get off work. I understand where she is coming from, and I am not repulsed by it at all. It is just that I cannot get any work done


I'm sure this is the main cause, like Heartlanddude said.. why am I sure? Because my boyfriend did the exact same thing.. he started to flirt too.. or think about flirting and other girls.. and he started to say "I need space" more and more and more.. and now we're in the midst of time off.. And, all this happened after I gave him a RULE stating that I EXPECTED him to call me daily after work.. just like your case. So, I guess men don't like to feel suffocated.. or told what to do. He even said "you get in the way of my daily activities, I never have any time to myself".... all this before he said he wanted time off. I guess men don't like being told what to do and they like doing things because they want to.. and not because they feel suffocated and obliged to do it. This is hard for a woman to accept as we really do think of men as being our slaves at times.. and we really don't want to set them free as we're scared deep down that they'll never come back. Mayeb she's insecure. Anyway, I'm having the same probelm but on the other side.. time apart is probably the answer.. as she's getting too comfortable with seeign you 24/7 and you guys need a life. But, for me anyway, time off shouldn't be longer than a week. If you need mroe than a week maybe there are other issues at hand. Did u propose to her already? Maybe if u proposed she would feel more secure and allow you to do what you wanted more without making demands.[/QUOTE]

thanks for that Alexandra789456. This is very helpful.

I have not proposed yet, but have showned her that I am serious in other ways.

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