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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your kinds words of encouragement and advice! - It's been really interesting to read what other people who have been in similar situations have to say. I understand how people who have been in a relationship with someone for 7 years and only be 22 can feel they haven't really experienced a single life and may want to find what's out there! - I guess from my point of view it's a shame that's this decision has been so one-sided and this is clearly what my ex-boyfriend wants but not me!

Gedoz, thanks for asking how I'm doing, how are you doing? - I read the other post you wrote about your boyfriends best 'girl' friend, that must be so difficult, however, my best friend is male and he's been the best through all of this and I can assure you we are only friends, so it's definetly possible! - I haven't heard from my ex since he told me he desperately wanted to stay friends, maybe he realises that's not what he wants or maybe he's trying to give me some space, I guess I'll never find out! I still miss him and love him terribly, but when people tell me time is a great healer I am starting to believe them!

As an aside, a friend who did not know my boyfriend has given my mobile number to one of her friends who is apparently interested in me and we've been texting all day! - not something I want to do, but at least it helps take my mind off things. If your relationship is definitely over, try not to dwell on what has happened in the past and try and live you life, and most of all try to enjoy it! - hard I know, but maybe it's the only way to move on! :)

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