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One of our mutual friends has gotten himself a little involved and yesterday explained things to my Ex in "guy" terms and told him how stupid he's being through all of this and that the picture no matter how innocent it may have been was just stupid of him he was actually yelling at him. He believes my ex that nothing has ever happened but told him how bad it looks to me and my ex agreed that yes it does look bad but itís just not the case. And he even told him that your stupid if you don't think she's been after you all these years and that she does have a track record for moving in and dating friends of her exes. So when I did talk to my ex yesterday he told me that it looks more and more like her and her BF are going to break up and that possibly down the road in a year or two maybe he would go out with her but that's not an option he wants to or can explore right now. Holy S--- who would tell there ex that? I guess I should be glad that he's trying to be truthful but it does sting a bit. He (our friend) also told him to stop calling me and that were not truly broken up until we stop talking he wouldn't promise him that he wouldn't call and he never did call until this morning, he told me that he talked to our friend and understands a little better where I'm coming from and that yes he was being stupid at times and the honestly put the pictures on the computer because he wanted to dump them off from his phone to free up space and that he didn't even think about how it would make me feel even knowing how I felt about her and said look again there are tons of pictures of friends on there. He told him too that there isnít anything going on with her and that he would tell him and me if there was because whatís the point in hiding anything at this point and that he doesnít want me to go to her BF because I would be doing it out of anger and not because I have real proof. I do know that when he is around her that his friend is there for the most part and other people as well. I asked him why he keeps calling me if its because he truly is concerned or if its because he wants to know who I'm talking to about this and he said that he loves me and that he is concerned and so is everyone else. I guess people are calling him and asking about me so I told him to give them my number if they want to ask me myself. I do think we had some issues separate from her maybe not enough for a breakup at least from my side but I agree that maybe we aren't the best match for one another right now and I can live with that but I can't get through until I know that it wasn't her that initiated the break up. He said that I have caused him to doubt himself for the first time ever and that he never gave her much thought but now he has to look at it since it keeps coming up. Whatever? It hasnít even been a week since Iíve been away from him so I think I still have the right to be very upset and have my ups and downs but I agree with what everyone is telling me that we should stop talking and Iím now prepared for that, I actually felt a little relieved to not talk to him last night I was content. My friend pointed something out to me that Iíve just recently realized myself and that is I am a very strong, tough and stubborn person and that for whatever reason when it comes to my ex Iím extremely weak. Is it the love that does that? Iím usually very tough except with him. Why is that? And believe me Iíve lost a lot of faith in people recently and I know anything is possible but this guy my ex is so different from any other guy Iíve dated he really is loyal. The last think I said to him was that you have always been a loyal trusting person who I never thought lied to me ever but the way youíve been acting recently has made me think that you are because this is not like you at all and he said exactly Iíve never lied why would you think so now and I said well because this isnít a normal situation your breaking up with my why would I trust you at this point. Heís starting to see what an idiot heís been and now its so obvious just how different men and women are we just donít think the same way. My gut really tells me that nothing happened between them but it also tells me that something could and might even though that is not what caused the breakup it was just an added extra and maybe I am trying to blame someone else for this. I guess time will tell and he tells me that if something does happen he will tell me.. How noble of him right? Thank you all so much again for taking the time to listen its amazing how much better it feels to have someone listen, besides all my friends here at healthboards hes the only other person I've been able to talk to because he knows the story I guess you could say. Good news! I'm going out this weekend with my friend and his GF and we are going to party with some of his friends and he's going to introduce me to this guy who lives a few miles away from me.. not as boyfriend material but just someone new to know. I'm excited I really am for the first time in weeks.

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