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Kay33- You're right on he's a freaking fool and is playing me for stupid and I think part of MY problem is the "I'm right" factor I know I don't really want it to turn out to be that he does want her but at the same time I think he does. I just want him to know I'm not a stupid girl and I can read between the lines. There is nothing worse than having someone think there getting away with something. I think he's being a coward about the whole thing I mean I had to drag it out of him that he wanted to break up and here he is mister tough guy and he couldn't tell me he wanted to end it? Then even after we broke it off he still says crap like Jamie I still don't know what I want. Blah, Blah,Blah. Jamie I still love you part of me will always love you. Why is he doing that to me. Our friend just thinks he's really stupid and doesn't know how to handle all of this. I was his first girlfriend and obviously he doesn't know what he's doing. Another thing that sticks in my head is that everytime I went out of town my ex would mope around and be all sad that I was gone and when I came home he would be so happy I was back and told me he missed me and one of my friends GF's said that whenever my name was mentioned you could see it in his eyes how much he loved me well I guess not enough to let that ***** in our apartment. I told him that he has my word that I will not tell his friend what his skanky ***** of a GF is doing and that's only because I don't know 100% that I'm right. My gut say's yes but its not fair to do to him (her BF) in case I'm wrong. I can't be responsible for someone elses misery mine is much to great. They are definitely going to break up its just a matter of time and you know what if he want's her then good luck someone else replied to my post and mentioned that her BF rebounded right away for this girl and that it didn't work out and that if I give them enough rope they will hang themselves with it I think that's true. My friend keeps telling me that if I give it a week and not talk to him he will probably come crawling back because he's miserable without me and stays home every night drinking and that we can't stand to be away from each other its very obvious so how could we be breaking up and he says that right now we are acting like we are together and stop talking, stop talking .Plus can my Ex possibly believe he's going to be able to stay friends with his buddy if he hooks up with his EX GF?? Why tell me that maybe down the road you would consider dating her? Is that him being honest or is that him laying the foundation for his plans? the other warped thing my ex said to me is that he would be ok if I dated this mutual friend of ours and let me just say that I have never been interested in this guy but he has loved me since the beginning its been very obvious and I've always been honest with my ex about it its never been a secret our entire group of friends knows it but its innocent because I have always been way way into my BF Oh I guess I mean EX!!.I started out as friends with him before I met my now Ex. what kind of guy would be ok with his ex GF dating one of his closest friends?? He tells me its because he knows how much he loves me and he would rather see me with a good guy like him then some A------. He told him the same thing too. I think thats messed up. Then he tells my dad that he would still like to come over and fix the roof for him ? WHAT? Do you think my dad would allow this, he was like a son he never had my dad was crushed by this too my ex worked with my Dad for about two years when he couldn't find work he even lived with us when his mom kicked him out he slept on the living room floor for about a year or so. He wouldn't be where he is today if it weren't for us and I dont mean to sound arrogant I'm really not that way but its true we opened doors for him that wouldn't have opened themselves to him. We were engaged last year at this time how does it go down the crapper that fast? ARghhhhhh! The other problem is that our friends GF is going nuts about me and him and I told him that he has to make sure his GF doesn't end up feeling like I do because I really like her and don't want her to be in my shoes and feel the way I do even if that means not talking to me for a while....Because I am NOT interested in her BF..He is a very good friend to me and has been for a long time. He told me today that he would love to go out with me but that usually these type of things get messy and he would rather keep me as a friend and not risk it.. Messy is a good word to describe my life right now and when this is all over I will be stronger then ever. No one will ever get to me like I let my EX. I know a lot better today than I did just a few weeks ago what I need from someone and what I'm capable of giving so next time around I will not put all my eggs in one basket for any guy and as someone once told me to keep one foot out the door I think she meant not to invest everything you have in any guy until you know he's the one. Well this is the strong side of me my friends I don't know if she will be around tomorrow but that's o.k she'll be back soon enough. Thanks for being here for me, I will keep checking in as things develop. I know he isn't ready to leave me alone quite yet.

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