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[QUOTE=Dream0n83]Okay Well if I understand this right now. They didnt know each other, its assigned living they each pay "seperate" rent. So it is this Dan character's place as well.

You said it wouldnt be right for you to confront Dan, but if your b/f isnt willing then its up to you to suggest to him "could you please quiet down we have a long day tomorrow" or "its getting kind late dan you think you could quiet down a bit?" .[/QUOTE]
If I were Dan, an average college age guy, thrown in with someone I don't know, paying my share of the rent, I may have the very same attitude as he does. He did not sign up to live with the gf of his apartment mate.

This is no dig on Lynn, but looking at this objectively, as a guest, she may have no place to ask him to be quiet. She pays no rent. If she asks her bf to ask Dan to calm things down a bit on her behalf, Dan could rightfully say that what bothers her is of no issue as she is a "freeloader". While she did pay for items, and he may use them, if an agreement was not made that these items were things of value to Dan and he would accept that her providing these things constituted a rightful share in the place, then she is on the outs with no real recourse.

Were I her bf, I may also not want to confront Dan as I think I would know what Dan would say. This is an apartment paid for and shared by two guys at college. Dan did not sign up to have to be concerned about a third party that pays no rent. While he may be a jerk, he is being one in a place he is paying for.

I am not "for" Dan or against Lynn. Just trying to be objective and consider why it is that the roommate has taken teh stand that he has. While her bf may indeed exhibit traits that are non-confrontational, I think this is one case where confrontation may not be just.

What are your plans for an income to support yourself and the baby. Is your bf working while in school? These are things I am sure you are thinking over as you get ready to start your family. Maybe it would be best to move home now to avoid the stress of living with the current situtation.

As an aside, Iím just curious as to the context in which your bf was present when someone threatened to kill you. I hope you had a restraining order issues against that person.

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