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I am frustrated for you, Lynn, because the other posters aren't reading your thread correctly! I don't need to tell you how your roommate doesn't care, considering you came on here already knowing that, and the other posters keep repeating it! Telling you to 'deal with it' isn't offering advice!

It's clear to me that the issue is with getting your boyfriend to be assertive. You understand that you've done all you can, except leave, which is what you are trying to avoid. You know Dan doesn't care about you and that is why your boyfriend needs to take control.

You need to sit down with your boyfriend and say: "If we are going to remain a couple, then we need to watch out for one another. If I get upset, then that effects the both of us and you should be willing to help. Your roommate is out of control and you need to put your foot down." Goodluck

Remember that none of this is your fault. You said that it was bothering your boyfriend too, and this guy needs to be put into check!

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