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Stormgirl, and the others...

i just wanted to say thank you for all your input.. you guys have helped me out so many times and i feel that i can never thank you enough..

thank you.

Anyway, I had a really nice surprize tonight.

We talked on Tuesday for the first time, during my lunch hour for about 20 mins, we then agreed to talk again that night.. so I called her when I got off work which was around 10:20.. We talked until 12:20. Well, I didn't want to call her back the next day, she didn't call me. I sent her an email saying I had a good time talking.. well, I didn't call her the next day because i didn't get off until 10 again and all I have is her home number.. Well, tonight I was sitting here on my computer and my phone starts ringing at 10:20.. guess what, it was her!!!

We talked AGAIN for two hours tonight!! We didn't get off until almost 12:30!! and at the end of the call she told me "hey, call me sometime!"

We also set a day to meet. I asked her if she has to work next friday, she told me she didn't know yet and was like "why? did you want to do something? I can request it off" well, being the sweet girl she is, she is requesting it off and we have a date planned! No time or place yet, but we have the ground laid!

She is the most amazing girl ever... she has a beautful voice, great personallity.. she's wanting to help me get into college since she knows some of the people in the offices really good.. and i might be moving to her city with a roommate, and she's knows at manager at a wal-mart (which is where i work now) that could help me get transfered there!

She is the most amazing girl! I still have no idea what she looks like yet.

Only thing that kinda bothers me is she has a lot of guy friends, but from what i understand most of them are gay.. still.... but from what I know from her, she seems to really know what she wants in life... and from what I see, she's someone I can trust.. but I don't know just yet...

But seriously... OMG.. she's totally amazing... best... girl.... ever.

i still can't believe she called me!!! wow... i wasn't expecting that. :eek:

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