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Oh, I do know that feeling. No one asked me out when I was with my boyfriend, because they either knew I had one or because I guess I had my guard up a bit. Also, I was really awkward when I was younger, so I was terrified when we broke up. However, I did deal with it (that was a couple of years ago now) and guys did ask me out. And I happen to be extremely shy around new people.

I think my saving grace has been that my friends generally want to introduce me to people and I have hobbies get me to be around men.

If you've been with your boyfriend for the last 4.5 years, you probably haven't appeared to be available in a very long time. I think you'd be surprised what might happen when you are available. People usually give out a different vibe when they are.

However, it doesn't sound like you're breaking up yet. I wrote what I did to point out that if a guy has reservations, it's worth paying attention to, and that it's no good spending your young life with someone who's not going to commit in the long run. I think it's okay to push a little for his commitment after you've been together that long.

Good luck. I know how hard and confusing this stuff can be.

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