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:rolleyes: :wave: :bouncing: :bouncing: Okay, I have some questions....
I haven't written in a bit.....but, well, here goes....
I am going to be moving soon....across many states.....and I will be far away from a friend that I shall call "Nina". Nina has a boyfriend who doesn't live near her...and she doesn't always see him, but when she hangs out with me.. in my car..because I like to drive(what can I say?!), she is almost always on the cell phone talking to him....yet ,whenever want to make a phone call(I do not use a cell.....) I pull over and usually announce ahead of time that I need to call my fiance' or whomever....and I begin to get ready to it is usually when I tell her, that she starts having a "fit" about that.....I think, that she is just extremely rude......because not only does she NOT want me to call my fiance' or anyone, but, she doesn't want to be in the car...waiting for me...yet, I have to endure HER long phone calls....I feel that the very least she could do, is to "just deal with it!!" SHe isn't happy with the fact that I am leaving...I have been a pretty close friend to her for nearly thirty years...(we are both in our 40's, mind you, and yeah, this is sounding very "childish" I will admit...but I have seen much worse, trust me, on some boards that I go on!!!)
She and I are amazingly still friends...but... we have gone thru a lot of bad stuff together.,....relationship wise.......My mother really thinks that the sooner I get away the better.....because this friend has tried to take boyfriends away from me, and thought nothing of it....what do you all think?

Nightowl2 :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :bouncing: :confused: :confused: ::

oh, and the reason that I am asking about that my fiance' REALLY does NOT like her....I have repeated some things that my friend has said....either in my words to him...or in her words...but, either way....he really thinks that she is VERY negative...and she has already tried to "stop me" from using guilt....which WON'T work....because I am so deeply in love.....but, I just wanted to know what you all thought...I feel like I am in turmoil....I MUST say "good riddance" to how can I do this....she also uses her "health" to stop me from trying to leave...(she has a heart problem and wears an 02 well as an oxometer..she is always checking her oxogen levels. ) I have to say, I feel strange about just telling her..."I cannot be your friend any longer......" she is going to put two and two together and say "Your fiance' is "controlling you, and making you make this choice" but, on the other end......she is angry that he "doesn't like her, and thinks that she is so negative.I know that I never should have said mouth opened too wide,,and I blabbed.....learned THAT lesson....won't do that he knows what she is like....but, I actually did it...because I was so damned frustrated with her.....She never changes...she is always nit-picking on me...I am soooo tired of that...and she has made strange comments about all of my boyfriends' in the past "making passes" at her, when I have left the room! That HAS to be such a lie!!!
Help.....sorry the even longer....I just had to write part of it, then get off the computer, so I could get back on...(computer time) But, WHAT do you all think? I need really solid honest advice..and I usually have gotten some great stuff from all of you...I would really appreciate it...and also, how can I END this friendship, if need be?

I was rather desperate to keep holding on to her..I never really would develop all of my other friendships, and it got to be where she and I were hanging out too much......I REALLY need to let go NOW!


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