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I know you're very young, and perhaps a bit naive, but the type of behavior you describe from Joe is hurting you whether you know it or not. Being that controlling is a form of emotional abuse. And even in the most healthy of relationships, which this one is not, the debate about children is a hard one to overcome if one partner really wants them and the other partner really doesn't. One party has to cave if the relationship is going to work, which this one should not. You are NOT doing Joe any favors by not breaking yp with him right away. There will never be a good time to break up with him, and the longer you wait, the harder it will be for him to let go. BUT...BE CAREFUL!!! Please do not underestimate this guy. His behavior does have a great potential for becoming physically violent toward you, so when you do break up with him, make sure you're in a public place and keep an eye out for him doing things like parking outside your house, showing up where he shouldn't be anymore, things like that. This guy spells trouble from the word go. And as for Corey, it would only complicate and confuse matters more to start something up with him. Go off to college without either of these guys, with a clean slate and a fresh start and a clear mind. Please be careful, and good luck to you.

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