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Ok I don't know if I am being silly, or if this is a legit issue.
Well I am in a new relationship, with a guy I am in madly in love with. As he is with he says! and we have been together for 2 months.
But anyways....I am having problems with him calling me back. We live about 45 minutes away, and are broke college students, so therefore we are not able to see one another as often as we would like.
So all thats left is talking on the phone, which I will take, since thats what has to do now.
But I call him, I would say 95 percent of the time. And we will be on the phone for like 5 or 10 minutes...15 if I am lucky, and then he has something he needs to go do, and says, let me call you back.
So hours go by...and still no call, and alot of the time, he doesn't call back at all.
The first couple times, I didn't want to press the issue, so I blew it off, but now its beginning to irritate me, and makes me kind of insecure about us....although when we see each other, theres definetely something electric going on :)
The thing is is that this is the only communication that we can have, and its almost as if he doesn't care....but he says he does, and that he really wants to see me.
So I just need some advice on women who have had experiences with this and how to deal with it. And also men, since a guys perspective would definetely help
I just want to know if I am just being stupid on worrying about this....or if its a reason to worry.....Any advice would be of great help!!!
THANKS!!! :wave:
[QUOTE=alwysasweetie21]He did say he would give me a call later tonight...but I am not expecting it....:rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Neither am I. LOL I am guessing he didn't call.

You reallly need to hold back and let him call you. Let him think that you are losing some interest in him by you not calling him so often. If he initiated an interest in you in the first place, he may think you may be seeing another guy and have lost interest in calling him so much.

Humans have a natural tendency to want what they don't have, what they can't have, what is hard to get,..... more so than what is easily obtained.
[QUOTE=lisa24]Wow, that really makes me feel lousy now. That just about sums all the guys I've ever know. It really is me?

No, no let's just pretend guys don't like talking on the phone. Makes me feel better that way. :)[/QUOTE]

Oh, sorry lisa, didn't mean to make you feel bad! ;) I do think there may be some truth to the notion that some guys just don't like to talk on the phone. But there's a difference between keeping conversations short, and telling someone I'll call you at 3 and not calling for another 4 or 5 days.

and no, I don't think it's you. You just haven't met the right guy for you yet. Keep the faith. God's timing is perfect. :D :angel:

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