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He finally called me today. I told him all about my counselling and what happened to me when I was little. I should have told him long ago. Seeing as that was his main problem with me, I thought he may be open to trying again. He said that he wants to be there for me as a friend, and will come to my counselling or whatever he needs to do to help me, but that he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now, nor does he see us together in the future. His business plans just fell through and he says that working is all he wants right now. I was upset of course. I told him I wanted to give us another chance, because we only have three months left before I go home across the country. I told thanks for being honest with me. He said that he has been treating me badly and not committed to us for a long time and just didn't want to hurt me. He said he loved me truly once but doesn't anymore, although he cares about me a lot and would like to be friends, he doesn't want to lead me on. I am going there for my birthday next weekend...I am not going to talk about "us" at all. Just try to have some fun and hopefully he will remember all the good things about our relationship eventually and come around especially if I don't pressure him at all. His mum says to give him time, to take it inch by inch. His dad and best frind say the same thing, that he is young. I asked him how he could say/do the things he has said/done with me so recently if he doesn't love me, and he said he has his moments. Some of my friends say to cut him off altogether or I will never get over it. The idea of him with someone else kills me, I think i would honestly have a breakdown. I told him I don't want to know anything about it if that happens, and he said that it is the furthest thing from his mind, that he just doesn't want to be with anyone or have to think about anyone right now. Anyway, I turn 26 on wednesday...what a lovely birthday that will be. I thought and still feel like I had found the one, I love him and his family so so much...the next three months will be torture because I know I will keep waiting and hoping he comes to his senses. What do I do??? Do I go there and just have fun with him and be friends and hope he remembers how much he misses "us"?

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