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How much is too much of a age difference if both people are adults? I would really like everyones opionion of this. My boyfriend of a year and a half has a huge problem with the fact that 7 years ago I dated an older man twice my age. My boyfriend now is 10 years older than me, but he thinks there is a 'stigma' in dating someone so much older and the majority of the world feels the same way. Right now he is mad at me over this and it gets so frustrating because I love him so much but I have no control to change this fact. I'm sure that if we could a lot of us would probably want to go back in time and change something we did in the past. Please respond.
I agree that the much bigger issue is not so much age differences in dating, but the fact that your boyfriend is getting angry with you over something in your past, and something over which you have no control to change now. That's a pretty gbig red flag that you need to be aware of. When we really truly love someone, we may not like some things they did in the past, but we accept them for who and what they are today and let the past stay there.

But as for age differences in dating, I personally am just not into guys much older than me. Ever since I was a teenager, I have always thought men are most sexy and attractive in their early to mid 30s, and now that I'm 39, I still feel that way! I don't think I would really want to date someone older than say 41 or 42, but that's just me. Celine Dion is 26 years younger than her husband, Renee. Catherine Zeta-Jones is 25 years younger than Michael Douglas. Kathy Lee Gifford is I think about 20 years younger than Frank Gifford. Shania Twain is 16 years younger than Mutt Lange. All these marriages have been going on for a good decade or more, so it's not like it can't work and is seen as totally gross by everyone. But I'm more concerned about the fact that your boyfriend can't seem to agree to disagree on this issue. So he thinks there shouldn't be an age difference over what, 10 years? And you tried it once. So what? If he can't let this go, I'm wondering what else he will want to fester and pick on.

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