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Hi Tyger,
I am going through a similar situation: boyfriend of years left suddenly for another girl (and we had talked about marriage!) He works with her, but luckily I don't have to see either of them. The reason I am responding is to let you know, you aren't alone. I cry every day, too, especially at night, and I can't believe I have to start over (I'm mid-twenties.) Mine also slept with this girl before we broke up and says such lovely things as how great they could be together and how happy he is with her. I like what the previous poster said about living life on your own terms. If I had to see my boyfriend and his new girlfriend at work, I'd ask him to leave the job or leave myself. I feel better now completely alone (as big a nightmare as it is) than when I was still seeing him and he was treating me like his ex-girlfriend or like girlfriend #2. But I know you're in your dream job, and it would be really tough to leave. You are sooo talented, though, and you could find somewhere else to keep training and some other type of job. I just created this account and set it up that other members could email me, so please send me an email if you can figure out how, and we'll talk more... and if you feel like crying tonight, remember there is someone else out there feeling the same way, and I'd be friends with you if I knew you!

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