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OK, I'm new here and I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so please move if it isn't. I thought I would tell you all a story of when I was 13 and in 7th grade, and my relationship, or lack thereof, with a girl in my class. You see, she didn't make it known that she liked me; but looking back on the whole thing, I think there's a good chance that she may have. Of course, I was too naive to evaluate the situation at the time :rolleyes: , being only 13. But hearing your thoughts may help me in getting it out of my mind and moving on, since I'm still a little naive even at 21. :confused:

Here's the story: I was a nerd in junior high. Plain and simple. I only had a few friends, who were also kind of nerdy, and all the cooler guys picked on me constantly. The cool girls usually left me alone, but one cool girl (the subject of this thread) would make fun of me CONSTANTLY. But here's the thing: she did it in a way that seemed like teasing, and there was usually something SEXUAL about it. For instance, when she would see me walking outside and she was with her friends, she'd come over, grab my arm and pull it up against her breast, then she would walk into school with me just like that while she made fun of me and her friends laughed. This happened several times. Now I don't mean to come across as rude, but this girl had fantastic breasts!!! :eek: They were easily her best feature, as she also had a pretty face, but many of the girls in the class were kind of flat-chested; not her. Is it possible that she was showing off her best feature to me? She had to have known that I liked it, because I always had a huge erection coming through my pants :o , yet she never made fun of that which I find strange. She would also crack sexual jokes around me with her friends because of the stiff and embarrassed reaction I had to them, which she found very funny.

Now I know what you're thinking: How does this guy think that a cool, pretty girl with a great body actually liked him if he was such a nerd? Well, that's exactly what makes me doubt that she did. However, I was actually pretty good looking myself; the big strikes against me were my unpopularity and my lack of a good body. There was one guy in the class who was very attractive and had a very muscular build and good tan, and many of the girls wanted him. I know that the girl I'm talking about in this thread was a friend of his, but I never heard of any romantic interests between them--but again, I was sometimes out of the loop. I highly doubt that he would have turned her down if she did want to go out with him though. Is it possible that she could have been attracted to my good grades over his body, even though she didn't seem to be the kind of girl who cared about good grades??

So what do you all think? I know it happened 8 years ago and I should just put it out of my mind, but I think that talking about it will help me feel a little closure instead of bottling it up. I know my current friends would laugh their butts off at me if I told them about this. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. Sorry about the erotic language, it was necessary to tell the story. I tried not to use street terms and be respectful towards women and their bodies.
Skinny.....You have emerged from the twilight zone of high school into a more tame world where you shouldn't feel as intimidated to be yourself. At this stage of the game most girls and guys are at the point in their lives that they are realizing that the nonsense of what occurred throughout their junior high and high school years is absolite. It's a better time to show your true colors....the fasade is all over and time to take off all the masks. So don't worry about being labeled a it's more of a studious, serious trait that will be appealing to many females. Try not to label yourself the unpopular guy.....nobody else is labeling you as's sorta a clean slate and a whole new phase of life. At this point in time girls are pretty much looking for the same type of things you are. A career, new friendships, a social life, and growing into an independent and confident individual. So forget about all the past labels you and others have placed on yourself. Everyone in this world strives to be liked and accepted...but now is a time you can take all the pressure off of fitting into everyone elses norm and establishing your own.

If you are in a roomful of males & females at this point in your life...each are feeling the nervousness of getting to know the opposite gender. If a girl smiles at you she is obviously warm and friendly and open to a conversation with you. Try to get over the awkwardness knowing that the more risks you take the more probability you have of getting to know a woman and which one will make you feel comfortable enough to get to know better.

I was very shy in high school and didn't come out of it until my college years where genuine friendships evolved which allowed me to be who I really was without the fear of being rejected. Thus my confidence grew and so did my social encounters. I'm certain at this time in your life the same will occur. And I must say.....of all the years that I look back on, it was when I was your age that I felt I grew the most in terms of being the person that I am today. I would never wish to relive my junior high years....they were so full of awkwardness and pressure that I still see kids living as I relive them with my two teenage daughters.

So's time for you to embrace this time in your life knowing that there's a whole entire world before you for the yourself and learn to see the good you have to offer others and the good in them as well. Are you in college, living on your own, employed???? Make the best of this time in your life and expose yourself to what interests you the most which will allow you to meet others that share similar outlooks on life as you. Good luck....Goody :wave:

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