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I have experience of this and I can give you tips. I met my GF that I have been together with for 6 years on internet. We also lived VERY far from each others. Yeah there were some trust issues at first but it all worked out well.
We didn't have any webcams or anything. But we did exchange pictures and I was like WOW I can't believe an attractive girl like this is chatting with me etc. So my own doubts set off suspicion as well. Either way when I finally met her she was even more attractive than her picture.

When it comes to your situation. First of all it doesn't sound like you two are very serious. It seems like you are mostly just friends. But you want it to be more than just friends and maybe give it a chance for more. If she feels the same way, or I should say. If she feels like you are "boyfriend" material or even someone she would remotely be interested in. Then she will most definatly jump at any chance to talk to you and hear your voice. That is the first red flag.

Second red flag. She is coming up with excuses or playing dumb with "technically" dificulties like the phone. You know yourself that if she was interested in you more than a friend and was paranoid about giving her number or calling you and have you find out her number. She can go to ANY liquour store or gas station in the USA. And buy a $10 phone card and use a public telephone. If she was willing to spend $10 on YOU that is.
I do not want to freak you out. If you ask me. I would guess that she is probably not who she is in the pictures. And she is comfortable with the way things are and she does not want to change this. Because if you talk to her for real or meet her. Her cover will be blown. She could be all from a female that is "not so attractive" using some other girls picture to get your attention. To a girl that has picture of herself when she was 25 and is 55 years old today. Or worse. A gay guy that wants a straight males attention.

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