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Re: Books?
Jan 31, 2005
[QUOTE=sugarpye]Does anyone know any good books for battaling insecurity, worry and the fear and anxiety of being hurt or cheated going through a bad time and my bf feels i dont trsut him....but im just scared I want to stop worrying[/QUOTE]

Hi Sugarpye :wave: Seems that you have posting about this concern of yours for sometime now on these boards. As a matter of fact, the last time I posted a response to you, you were on your way to meet with your therapist...what is it that you came up with during your session?? I personally believe that a book may not be the only way to go....therapy may be the best in terms of gaining control of your anxiety and possible paranoia like symptoms. Are you on any meds for your anxiety??? And how long have you been going for therapy?? Does it help you and are you getting any better or seeing any improvements??? Sometimes there comes a time to seek out a different therapist if you find you are not making any headway. Just some thoughts...remember, our biggest concern here is that you may drive your BF away unless you find out why it is you don't trust him. If you constantly make him feel like a cheater he mAY VERY WELL BE PUSHED INTO BEING ONE :nono: Don't do thid to him or yourself,.....rather, find out why you feel the way you do.......Goody :angel:

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