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Realguy is right. You said it yourself, you don't have much experience with dating and relationships, don't make your first out to be your last. You have a lot to learn about what you want in a friend/boyfriend, and people rarely find it in their "first" or even in people they meet online. Plus, having intercourse right away brings a lot more emotion into things and makes things more complicated. Realguy is right, take this jerk for who he is and don't look for things that aren't there. This guy has no respect for you. You see him every other week. You met him 2 months ago and you've been going out for 2 months. and I'm not sure, but from one of your other posts, I thought you said that you met him 2 months ago, you didn't talk to him for a while but couldn't stop thinking about him. Then he contacted you and you both realized that you loved each other. I think that's what I read.... correct me if I'm wrong..

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