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Here I go again
Feb 1, 2005
this is my story I am divorced for 3 years but have always been seeing my exhusband off and on for the whole 3 years. We got back together 1 1/2 years ago he moved back home said he would never cheat on me again. well I have not caught him red handed but he is talking to another woman on his cell phone tells me it is not like it seems ( he is in a support group and she is in it to) he is just talking to her about the program. this woman calls him alot any where from 3 to 10 times a day he say he has even told her to stop calling so much it was causeing problems at home but she still calls he will not answer his phone when he is home and she calls him but I get the cell phone bill and I see that he is talking to her when he is away from home.He has calls where he has called her too not as much as she calls him but he does call her ,he says she is trying to cause problems because she knows when I'm home with you and she calls more then saturday she called every hour till 9:30 at night I dont know if he is lieing to me about her just being a friend or is he got something going on with her I was married to him for 13 years and he cheated on me several times it is very hard to trust him.I hears one of the messages she left him on his cell and she said I want my boy friend you are my boyfriend he says she is just nuts and he has been trying to get her to leave him alone but she just will not it hard for me to beleave him his friends tell me they dont like what he is doing but thats all they will say they do say she is nuts. I feel he lead her on then found out she is nuts and decided not to got through with it I just dont know what to do

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