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Re: I need advice
Feb 5, 2005
Well here is my story. My bf told me he was going to come over to my house Monday Night. He never showed.

I had free access to his house as he to mine. So I went over there at midnight. I phoned and told him I was coming over but only got the machine and left a message to expect me there in a few. Of course I got there and he was sleeping as I expected. I told him I was there. Then I gathered my stuff and put it in my car. Then I picked up his cell phone and looked at the dialed and received calls. He had cleared them. But he did not clear the text messages. In the text messages were lots of text messages and an e-greeting card from her. I copied the number down on a piece of paper. I then when and looked up her number in the phone.

I went into the bedroom where he was still sleeping and asked him if he was still seeing her? He said no. I said then why is she still text messaging him and why is she sending him e-greeting cards with that kind of frequency. He said that they speak once in a while and that's only because she calls. Then he asked me why I was so insecure. I said I am not. Then we argued about if he was seeing her. He then tells me that he doesn't want to see anyone and that he might need some space. I said no way because she wouldn't be doing all those things had there not been some encouragement there. So fine if he didn't want to be with me but at least admit you are will someone else. He still denies it. Then we argue about some other things. I tell him that I want to hear her say that they aren't bf and gf. I hand him the phone and tell him to call her. He says no. So I said fine I will. We argued about it some more and finally I dialed the phone. I asked is this ____. She said yes. I said my name is ______. Do you know ______. She said yes. I asked is he your boyfriend. She said yes. I said that's interesting because I thought he was my boyfriend. Then he got out of bed and left his house. She asked to talk to him but I told her he had left. She and I talked for about 30 minutes and he came back in. I asked her if she would like to talk to him. He said he didn't want to talk to her. He then disconnected the power from the main phone since I was on a cordless. So it seems to me he really didn't care that he was busted. Although later he told me we were leaving and he was leaving and I asked where he was going. He said to another girl's house. Nice hugh. The story goes on but it's really more of the same. And now he is angry at me and says I have a temper. So what do y'all think? And he is still saying he didn't cheat? Help me please.

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