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[QUOTE=soulster]Why would she tell you she was going with a bunch of guys and then go with all girls??? Did her plans change or was she just bluffing you, I am just curious?[/QUOTE]
Due to my quickness in wanting to know who she's going with, and her wanting to prove a point... she was going to go with her girlfriends all along.
In the end it made me realize that, while not intended, I was indeed coming off as controlling, and that's something I'll be working on (diplomacy was never a skill I had). Following our talk, she's also agreed to be more open without me asking about it (ie an attempt at extrovertism). It's only been 1 day since that talk, but it's been good so far :)

[quote=wildcat66]I Would Tell Your So Called Girl Of 3 Years Ok, Go Spend Her Time With The Dudes And Dont Come Back, If She Would Rather Spend Time With Them Than You Go Find A Girl That Wants To Be With You. Stop Waisting Time On A Selfish *****. Move On[/quote]
wildcat66, while I understand and appreciate the fact that you're trying hard to provide advice (though perhaps not successfully so), please consider that she has been my half for 3 years now, and deserves nothing like the disrespect you're showing her (nor will I tolerate it). For everything in life, there is always more than meets the eye and I honestly hope that this is not the way you deal with your conflicts. Unless you have something constructive to say, please don't say it at all.


You sound like you are a very mature & decent gentleman.

It's nice that you tell her where you go & who you go with, you even invite her all the time, which is just so sweet All these things indicate that you really do respect her as your GF. I do the same too, so I know exactly how you feel.

& I think you have all the rights to ask, she's your GF. I don't know about other people here, but if I find out my GF is going SWIMMING with a bunch of dudes, I'd b upset too. I don't think I'm saying ayhting new or abnormal here. If you are OK with it, then that's fine. It's a mutual understanding ... but obviously knowing that you'd be pissed off about it, & she would still go ... that's too much ~ ~ ~[/quote]
My issue was with the lack of communication (which I attempted to compensate for by being over-inquisitive). I trust her completely (the trust is mutual) and have no right to tell her not to associate with other guys (as long as I know about it). After all, we've chose each other from all the people out there and have lasted through the years. Placing any unreasonable restrictions on a relationship would only help damage it. She feels the same way if I went out with a couple of girls only, again, as long as she knows about it.

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