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He's 25 and I have made the first move and tried to be good to his family aslong as we are face to face his dad is nice to me but as soon as he get my boyfriend alone I no good for anything think. I wanted to sit down and talk with his dad he won't let he says i'll make things worse if I say anything to him he will just get mad a cuss him. He is the most controling person I've ever met him and my boyfriends mom split up when he was 2 well they still haven't got divorced we all three live right together 3 houses side by side I look out my kitchen window and see his mom and the bedroom to see his dad anyway he lives with someone else but still lives everything with my boyfriends mom just the it was when they was together. The checking account is still in both names. The bills are to he doesn't her bills but they have to come to his mailbox so he can look at them to make sure she does what she is supposed to.She hasn't with anyone in 17 years b/c the last boyfriend she had He threw a fit on her and told he didn't want to catch anyone else up there. The fist week we stayed in the new house he called 3 times and told me I was running up the electric bill and needed to turn off the outside light. If he trys to call and I'm on the phone or on the internet he throws a fit on my boyfriend I tried to call why couldn't I get in touch with you. He won't stand up to him he so afraid that his dad is going to completly cross him off and not have anything to do with him and he would he's just really mean like that. They own a business and last year his dad started this huge fight between us we broke up for a month well he called me and wanted to co out and talk so we did. When his dad found out where he was he was furious he told him he was going to sell the business it we got back together everything that his grandfather worked for was going to be gone b/c of him. The house he lives in was my boyfriends grandmothers she died last year and him and his girlfriend moved in well my boyfriend was really close to her he went as far as to call and have her house put up for sale. He hid for 2 months that we was back together he would come see me and his mom would lie and say he left with a friend. I finally got tired of it and told him to tell him or I was gone so he went to and told him he loved him but he loved me to and I was who he wanted to spend his life with. He didn't talk to him for months. My boyfriend goes to the beach with his mom,2 aunts and uncle every year we had planned for him not to go last year and for us to go some place just the 2 of us his mom was so upset he wasn't going. He felt really bad he didn't say anything but I could tell so I told him why don't we just go with them we could still get a seperate cabin and have time together he was thrilled I wanted to do this. He told his mom and she was fine with it then the night before she told him her and his aunt had talked about it and they would rather I wouldn't go b/c I would just ruin his vacation. He told them he wasn't going either but his mom and aunt called his dad and his dad called my house and talked to like a dog until he went. He stayed a week at the beach and I didn't go anywhere on vacation. He told them already he's not going this year but in June when they get ready to go I know he will. He's already said he could talk to them and see what they say about me going but i'm not going I refuse to beg someone to let me be included. I don't know what to do they all are a bunch of troublemakers.

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