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:yawn: [QUOTE=heartlandguy]Goody, you are such a blessing to so many people here, especially on the boards involving the healing arts. But are you sure you got the words right for [I]Leaving on a Jet Plane[/I]? :confused: Peter, Paul and Mary's lyrics were certainly different![/QUOTE]

You see, Heartland, we do have lots in common. That's where it all began for me....I came here originally seeking health advice and comfort prior to some major surgery.....some 10 months ago. I decided since so many were there for me that I would take on the role for others that found themselves in Goody's shoes :D I had a thread that somehow got wiped went on for over 7 months....we picked it right back up and it continues on. Yes...that's where it all began for Goody and it really feels good when complete strangers can pull together and erase the anxiety that we commonly feel when going into surgery. Or here....sharing our experiences in life to make the broken hearts mend.

As far as [I]Leaving on a Jetplane[/I] and lyrics have a funny way of reaching people.....even when they're the wrong ones ;) is the day for me to check in with my is her day off and she does have plans to go to the movies with a I'm hoping to catch her before she leaves. She's in the midwest & sometimes there's a time difference of an hour but I believe we're now on the same time. Hey.....Heartland, I don't even know what state you're in??? I'm guessing somewhere on the East coast, although your username may suggest the midwest. As you know I'm a New Yorker.....born and raised here all my life by the water. Water...the symbol of life and what brought Tom & I together. We love boating & jetskiing although Goody no longer does that I thoroughly enjoy watching the girls.

Heartland....I didn't realize that this thread would end up being the sign that your season here would come to an end. Believe me, we both share in knowing that God has a funny way of presenting them and we have both been blessed with being an instrument of delivering them, but I can't help but feel a little distressed that I had to be that instrument that would have your season here coming to an end. I do not question God's plans for us, and I am sure He has wonderful ones for both of us....but what I guess is most important is that we are wise enough to listen and follow. can see yourself as I describe my friend's husband. He is a very charismatic guy....he dedicates most of his time to helping others.....he already talks on a Christian program and has worked in the Chamber of Commerce. His goal is to have his own Christian program on Cable TV and his salary funded by sponsors so that he can do what he truly loves to do. I can honestly see him doing this and he will be great at it....he just has to see that in the interim he has to do other things to provide for his family while at the same time pursuing his dream. He needs to balance and not lose sight of the stepping stones in life that will get him there. friend and I have often laughed together at his tunnel vision....we have no doubt that he will get there but in the meantime he needs to be there for his wife and son who have supported him in his dreams for so long but as a family are in great debt. The ultimatum my friend will give him may put that firecracker up his butt to get him to see that by working a job he won't be giving up his dream......just making sure he still has a way of getting there. ;)

Well...Goody has lots going on, my daughter has her Junior prom and a date with a new guy we have yet to meet. At a Superbowl party they both discovered in a group of friends that they didn't have dates and he suggested that they go together. So I've been informed that I must order a boutenoir (?sp) and make a hair appointment. Her nails are done, dress is bought, matching thought she'd look for a purse and shawl to accessorize. The affair is tomorrow with lots left to do. See, Heartland.....real life is still here and nothing beats living it. You're doing the right thing....there are times that I find myself here more than I should be but I never forget that it's real life that holds the real hapiness in our lives. (At least that's what I'm reminded of daily when the girls fly in the door ;) ) Here, on the boards, it's the gravy whether it's a season or a stepping stone in our lives to where we are truly meant to be. God is leading you to your vision in life....the one you shared with me not too long ago that you see for you and Mrs. Heartland, and I have a feeling that it is going to turn out to be even more than you first invisioned it to be. ;) It's a wonderful vision and one that I am certain you will reach...don't give up on your dreams, Heartland. if anyone can make them come true it'll be YOU......Goody

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