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Hi Girls, well it definately seems that having a baby changes everything doesnt it . But just remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. They say that the first few years of a childs life is the most testing on the most rock solid relationships, so I am sure you guys will pull through. PJ I am so sorry you are feeling so low, I know exactly how you feel hun. I know you will miss your mother terribly, but Im sure that she is part of the reason your relationship has been strained on top of having a new baby. Its VERY difficult living with other family members in the house. Also its not that your trying to change him, but he should realise that he HAS to change. Everything changes when you have a new addition to the house. That has been the problem with my DH, he thinks he can still live his life like we use to live it and so far he has been succeeding at it, but at the expense of our relationship :( He just WILL NOT acknowledge that we have problems or that he is to blame for anything. I told him last night that until he admits that he drinks too much and trys to cut down that we just arent going to work out. Its honestly not that he is a drop down drunk or anything, but he would rather be out the back having a beer than spending time with us. He says its PEACEFUL. Well when do I get my bloody peace hey ? I had such a terrible day yesterday, I had to go bail my 19 year old out of jail :o He has been with this girl for about a year and they fight constantly and break up constantly, anyway over the past couple of months she has rang the police on him a few times and he even had to go to court last month for property damage :( Anyway she has been pretty much trying to break up with him for the past 6 weeks and my son just wont accept it and keeps harrassing her :( She had to call the police on him again and they came and arrested him and he spent the night in lock up. I really DID NOT want to bail him out as I know that he will breach his bail conditions which is to STAY away from her. I told him if I find out he has been there, I will have no alternative but to pull bail on him and he will be arrested and put in jail till his court appearance which isnt till 16 th March. I tell you that boy has been one problem after another for most of his life :( Dont get me wrong I love him, he is my son, but he has been very difficult to raise ! He has quite a bad temper, so I really dont blame his girlfriend for calling the police on him. I called him a stalker yesterday and told him to leave her the hell alone ! I feel sorry for her :( If he breaks bail without me knowing I will lose $500 ! God help if I do ! Between him and Jules I just feel like packing up my dog and babies into the car and LEAVING ! I have totally had enough of the pair of them ! I want my babies to grow up in peace and it seems the only way Im going to achieve this is by taking off, but I dont want to give up my home and security. If I had plenty of money it wouldnt be an issue.
Shannon its great to hear that your dh came home and done some house work, hopefully thats a good sign that he may actually be listening to you and attempting to try and change. So how did the romantic movie night go ? At least your DH is prepared to have them :D Normally by the time Jules comes inside and has dinner and a shower, he goes to bed and just snores ! That is what I have tried to explain to him, that I am LONELY ! By the time I get the babies settled for the night, he is out cold, so I am just left alone :( Dont get me wrong I actually dont mind my own company and if I am honest prefer it, but we need some time together. I just dont know what to do anymore to try and get through to him :(
Anyway must go feed Adam. Thanks for listening and I hope things improve for everyone.

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